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Our reseller scheme provides opportunity for anyone willing to monetise their broadband service to use our SaaS or VPS service to provide billing. By this, you can use your current broadband provider's internet to provide a paid-premium-WiFi service for your community and we will provide you with the toolkit to turn your service into a profitable business venture. Our infrastructure includes a seamless integration of payment portals with includes Mobile Money integrations which make collection of the proceeds of your business very attractive. We provide ISP billing services that ride on MikroTik HotSpot and PPPoE architectures. Our services for WISP include a total automated customer management portal customised to meet the needs of the country/community that are your customers.

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We offer opportunities for one reseller per country. We offer sole reseller opportunities ONLY for serious minded sales people who want to build a brand. Our opportunity for reseller-ship is serious business to us. Our reseller partners are very critical to us to drive our goal of individuals in any countries monetising their internet including people who own AirBnB's, Guest Houses, leisure places, Hotels, Bars & Pubs, Cinema's, Airports, Malls, Schools, etc...

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